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Ivan Maxwell Jones Worcester Open Galler

In September 2020 I was chosen, along with 7 other Worcestershire based artists, to create an artwork on the theme of 'Hope and Joy' that would fill the shop windows of vacant Worcester city centre businesses. I chose the former 'A Write Card' shop in Broad Street for my diptych 'Max and Myla'. This work explores ideas of connection, community and resurgence; on one side my allotment neighbour Max in Malvern reaches out to Myla, my 9-year-old daughter in Worcester. In these paintings I am wanting to make a positive statement of how, in these times of social (physical) distancing, people from different generations, ethnicities and places can remain connected, through a shared humanity and a love of nature. The picture above is taken at the opening event on Friday 9th September 2020 and shows me talking to Worcester Mayor, Cllr Jo Hodges.

Ivan Maxwell Jones_max left panel 1 of 2
myla and the swans_2 of 2.jpg

Max and Myla


Acrylic on Canvas


each 100 x 100 cm


£ 1500.00

anthropocene bubble.jpg

Anthropocene Bubble


Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas


120 x 120 cm


£ 1800.00

The anthropocentric view of Man as the centre of the universe, superior master of nature, is being stretched to breaking point. In Anthropocene Bubble I explore how our shiny and seductive visual culture distracts us from the all-important connection with the natural environment. The achievements of Mankind have been immense, but while we endlessly consume, leaving poisoned earth and mass extinction in our wake, Homo sapiens’ hubris could be our downfall. The ecological balance has reached a dangerous tipping point and we ignore it at our peril.

Expecting to Fly

Expecting To Fly


Mixed Media and Photo-transfer on Board (NFS)

Combining painting, printing and image transfer to reflect a time, place and personal memories

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